Jul 15, 2009

FCUK it!

Is it my birthday yet? I am in love with everything at FCUK (French Connection UK) and they are having a HUGE sale! Most items are up to 70% off! (I'm a size M by the way...) Here are some of my favorites that I saw today at the FCUK store and held back from buying. I don't know how I did it!

French Connection has always had a piece of my heart. I remember first laying eyes on this store back in the mid-90s. It was located in the Grove by The Mayfair and I specifically remember a denim jacket that I wanted so so so bad but didn't have enough allowance money to be able to afford it :( Well, those days are long gone and FCUK is better than ever! Long live the French! ...or the British...?

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  1. OK I love each piece!!!!!! I wish I wasn't a teacher...so that I can afford this stuff! LOL


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