Jun 12, 2009

Day 4 & 5 in Playa

After all the sailing from yesterday, we could barely open our eyes at night. If it wasn't for Nelz's tummy grumbling letting us know it was dinner time, we would have never woken up. Thank goodness we did, though! We went to a place called 100% Natural that served real fruit smoothies and delish fish entrees. We walked up and down 5th Ave to walk it all off.

Today I was set on getting a massage. There are tons of places here that offer very cheap massages. After researching online, we found Veronica's Massages. For only $30 USD I got a one-hour massage. It was amazing, however I recommend that you get yours at the beginning of your trip. My shoulders were a little too sun-burned to be able to really enjoy it. But I still left there feeling like noodles.

Tonight, we hope to party it up. During the week it's been kind of quiet. All of the clubs and bars will open up starting tonight for the rest of the weekend. We plan on going back to Blue Parrot where ladies drink free and everyone is happy :)

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