Jan 26, 2015

My DIY Try: Card Collector

Do you keep your birthday cards each year and store them away in plastic tubs so that you can look back at them one day and reminisce? I don't. I usually threw the important-to-me ones into a scrapbook back in the day, and I kept all my wedding cards, but besides that, I just don't like the potential of accumulated junk. That's until Baby Livi came into the picture... I've now become a giant sap! I couldn't bear throwing away all the cute cards from the baby shower, her first birthday and her baptism. I got an idea from Pinterest that made me feel a little better about admitting my pack-rat tendencies, and after I saw a buddy of mine try it out for her wedding cards, I was inspired! Oh Pinterest, you're the smartest!

DIY Card Book

It's sooo easy and keeps the cards contained and easy to flip through in 20 years when she'll finally appreciate the cute stuff you did for her! Ha!

All I did was punch holes on the side of each card (I used my office 2-hole puncher), clip them together with binder rings (I got mine at Target), add a cute cover page (matched with the theme of the events), and tie them together with a ribbon! I also included the baby shower, birthday party, and baptism invitations too.

Here's the wedding card book my buddy made. She used her wedding colors and added an envelope in the back for misc small items!

And other creative ideas I found on Pinterest!

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  1. oooh Livi's card books came out soo great! You rock!!


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