Nov 3, 2014

Man Cave Makeover

Calling all males who Mind My Beeswax!!! (crickets) Guys, are you there? Anyone? Ok, well this is just as interesting for the girls too, I promise!

Man Crates, the super-cool and unique gifts for men company, reached out to me to put together the perfect Man Cave. I have no problem on the home décor subject, but man-stuff is a little out of my comfort zone so I surveyed my hubby and best guy buds for ideas. Of course, their wish list included nothing décor-related: a pool table, giant flat screen TV, PS4, Xbox One, surround sound system, and a beer keg. The closest answer I got to décor was a neon beer sign, and let’s face it, that’s so predictable.

Survey Says: Guys need a little help in this area.  I am all for making the Man Cave a special place for guys to be guys. It doesn’t need to be perfectly coordinated (that’s what the Girl Cave is for anyway) so I found items that can easily be thrown into a pretty predictable Man Cave room and are guaranteed to be guy-approved!

  1. Auto Timing Gear and Chains Wall Clock: A socially acceptable way to hang car parts on a wall! Loving the industrial look and feel this gives. 
  2. Home Plate Doormat: Is this not a baseball fan’s dream way to come home!? So clever, so cute, and it has a vintage feel. I’m sold. 
  3. Beer Chandelier: Chandeliers have no place in a Man Cave unless the sparkly crystals are replaced with glass beer bottles! This chandy has an industrial feel and is made with pre-prohibition beer bottles!
  4. Dog Blueprint Wall Art: This is a nice dedication to the other daily-lounger in the Man Cave, man’s best friend!  
  5. Movie Sofa: The name says it all! It's the perfect balance between something nice to plant his tush on for watching games and movies, and still having style. 
  6. Cement Block Coffee Table: There's pretty much no way to ruin this table. They can plop their feet on it, wipe off the potato chips, and it will still look pretty cool.

And I can’t mention Man Crates without showing you what it’s all about! I am pretty obsessed with personalized gifting. Don’t tell anyone but I actually have a secret board on Pinterest dedicated to all those unique gift items that I would love to find the perfect recipient for one day. So when I saw what Man Crates was all about, you better believe I pinned a bunch of their gifts! You choose a themed assortment of pretty cool gifts geared toward man-stuff, and it’s shipped to them in a wooden crate with a crowbar! Such a cool concept that I think all guys would love to receive! Here are some of my favorites that I think would be awesome gifts for a few guys I know!

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