Oct 14, 2014

A Baptism for our Lil Angel

Olivia's important milestone celebrations came back-to-back! With her baptism being scheduled just 3 weeks before her 1st birthday party, I had lots of coordinating to do in order to play both off well. Luckily, there wasn't too much to prepare for the baptism. After the ceremony, we headed to a nice little restaurant where lunch was taken care of, so all I had to bring were the essentials:

Tissue Paper Flowers
I fell in love with the flowers in this photo and wanted nothing more than to re-create them in peach, rose, and gold to display at the restaurant somehow. I worked on these for about 2 weeks and thought they were beautiful enough to design a whole theme around them. I loved them so much that they were also used as props for her 1st birthday photoshoot, and I think I'll find a way to display them in her room as well! I'm also working on these for the Etsy shop so I'll be back with an update soon!

I designed the invitation with the same look and feel of the paper flowers in mind. The invites were printed on a metallic pearlescent cardstock so it really made the gold printing really shimmer. Check them out here!

Photo Cards
Keepsake favor cards were also designed with the same floral motif. This is the backside--the front featured the cute photo of Olivia above.
Here's a trick to get your baby to look like she's praying for a baptism picture: Give her/him a blade of grass to play with and you've got the money shot!

Another beauty by Thelma's Cakes! She created this cake using the same colors of the tissue paper. This cake deserves to be pinned and repined over and over again—so get to it! :)

I swear these were thrown together at the last minute. I just ordered cabaret roses in a pinky coral, cut them short, and bunched them together with baby’s breath in a fishbowl glass vase. Easy peasy. Also looks great next to a yummy glass of sangria :)

And last but not least…

A Beautiful Headband
Olivia looked so pretty in her hairpiece by Abelialane featured in the photo above. It’s made with silk and chiffon white flowers, sparkly rhinestones, pearls and a rhinestone cross. It was the perfect match to her simple silk baptism dress. Here's a close-up!

Abelialane has the most beautiful headbands at such great prices. I’m definitely checking back again soon for more headbands for the holidays.

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