Dec 4, 2012

Make Your List & Check It Twice

If you're like me, you have tons of Christmas gifts to shop for, each at a different store, and just 3 weeks or so to get it all done and wrapped under the tree. You're out almost every night after work to avoid cramming all your shopping on the weekends. And you're constantly losing track of what you've bought, what you have yet to buy, and where you put your grandma's gift you bought 10 days prior. It's A LOT of work and A LOT to keep up with.

I was hoping there would be something out there to help me out during this frazzle, and sure enough 'there's an app for that'! I got The Christmas List. At just $1, it keeps your shopping in check and I've been using it every day since. Input all your gifts, gift receivers, stores, and price and it pulls together a bunch of ways to monitor your spending. I. Love. It.

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