Aug 22, 2012

My DIY Try: Tree Rings Pillow Turned Wall Art

I love tree rings, see? :) They're abstract and imperfect, and can tell a really long story!

And I fell in looove with the Tree Rings Silk Pillow Covers from West Elm months ago! {Sorry, they're no longer available} I tried and tried but I just couldn't find a place for these pillows to live...

...until I used my noggin and thought outside of the box. These pillow covers {which I got on clearance btw!} would be perfect wall art in my master bathroom! We picked up a wide mat square frame from Ikea, cut the fabric in half, framed one piece, and hung it up above the tub. It's a perfect home for my tree rings with all the slate tiles and gray walls around making it a nature-inspired little retreat! Gotta use my noggin again to see what I can come up with for the other piece of fabric!

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