Jul 18, 2012

Wanted Wednesday: Green Goodness

Welcome to the first of some new series tests I will be trying out with the bloggy blog. I tend to fall instantly in love with something I see while I'm out and about, and usually can't get it out of my head until either 1. I get it, or 2. I get over it. So Wednesdays will now be dedicated to my loves at first sight, hence, "Wanted Wednesdays"!

This green tote caught me way off guard when I was strolling around the Gap on my lunch break (it's dangerously down the street). I'm never really into green but there was something about this color that I thought I would actually wear as a fun contrast. In person it's a really solid emerald green, and floppy and comfy in all its leather goodness (sorry PETA). It also comes in a bright orange and a medium brown.
At $125 a pop, I think I'll wait until an online coupon arrives in my inbox, but it's definitely on my Wanted list.

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