Jul 23, 2012

Mix & Match Bar Collector: {Z Gallerie Gold Decanter}

Most people collect different types of liquor. I think I have a thing for bar sets, and yet I have no bar. I love to mix & match within the sets by collecting different styles of glasses, decanters, and bar tools that don't really go together, but when sitting together they're meant to be.

I have a quirky, casual set with CB2's smoky black highball glasses, Oliver martini glasses, and West Elm's bendy straw stirrers; a fancier set with Mikasa's Cheers martini, wine, highball glasses with a curvy Lenox decanter; and my latest addition—a half gold/half glass decanter and similar martini glasses that is so more my style. This latest set is definitely a mix but matches oh so well! While my bar is still yet to be discovered and purchased, I assembled my new little compilation on my crocodile bar tray—so exotic, I know!

2 Wine Glasses from T.J. Maxx
Gold Chisel Decanter from Z Gallerie
Mr. & Mrs. Cocktail Glasses from Furbish Studio
Crocodile Bar Tray from Z Gallerie


  1. Omg I love it all!! You put that together so nicely! My sister and her fiancee love taking shots (lol) and I think that Mr. & Mrs. shot glass would be a perfect wedding gift/gag gift! Thanks!!

    Ps. Saw Z Gallerie pinned this today!! yay!!

  2. This setup is Adorbs! Just needs a few bottles of the good stuff and your bar is good to go


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