Jul 2, 2012

Product Review: Fresh and Bare

This is the first time in the history of ME that I ever finish up a whole lipstick. Wow--I guess I really do love my Fresh Sugar lip balms. While in San Francisco last month, my sister and I visited the Fresh store and got the sweetest salesperson ever. We named her Joanna although we never really knew her name. Joanna let us sample the exfoliating lip polish (SOLD), and then whipped out the secret weapon: Sugar's newest lip balm color, Coral (double SOLD)! Unfortunately, Joanna wasn't allowed to sell it to us because it was set to debut 3 days later. So, I promised myself that if/when I do finish my Rose lip balm, I'd buy Coral. The time has come. It has a little more pigmentation than the other balm colors, so a little goes a really long way. Besides being super moisturizing, UV-protected (SPF 15), and enriched with antioxidant-rich vitamins, it's the perfect beachy-summery color and lasts a really long time! Fresh, I love you.

Do you know how difficult it is to find a nice blush that comes with a mirror and mini brush these days?? It's practically unheard of--I'm assuming it's very 1995 of me to demand such a product. I put on my face in my car 98% of the time, so a combined blush/brush is almost necessary. (Please don't worry. I do this only at red lights and when I'm bumper to bumper sitting in traffic for 2 hours, I promise.) I have to settle for a cheap, no-name blush only because it brings a brush. But this weekend, sitting next to the Fresh lip balm, was a whole section of BareMinerals Ready Blush. I couldn't believe it. A blush with a mirror and brush in a compact casing and in pretty colors (Triple SOLD)! I picked up "The Aphrodisiac", a peachy-coral, to go along perfectly with the lip balm. I am crossing my fingers and toes that this product is never discontinued!

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