Jun 25, 2012

DIY Air Plant Terrarium

Here I go again with the terrariums... I promise this one is different, though! About a month ago, I ran into two of the most perfect glass vessels I've ever seen: an Apple and a Pear. I quickly snatched them up at about $15 for both and knew exactly what they would become--They were destined to be my two new air plant terrariums as kitchen decor! I had seen air plants for sale at West Elm but at $6 each, I knew I could find them cheaper elsewhere. Etsy had a nice variety of air plant bundles and I purchased from this vendor who had fast shipping and great prices.

I didn't know if these looked better with dirt, rocks, or sand, so I did a quick search on the interwebs and came across these photos. Umm...pretty perfect! Great minds think alike!
via vivaterra.com

Here are my copy-cats!

I couldn't really find a good place for them in the kitchen so they're now my new and improved dining table centerpieces. I'm in love.


  1. These are awesome! Great job!

  2. These are so great! I found similar little vessels at Marshall's and am thinking of making these as centerpieces for my patio tables. Thanks for the awesome idea and inspiration!


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