Mar 15, 2012

Palette Pairings: Neon + Neutrals

I'm on the fence about the neon trend these days. I hate the fact that it seems like we are running out of fashion ideas and we're resorting to the worst fashionable era in history, but in a way I like that it reminds me of bright & sunny summers. I wouldn't splurge on expensive neon items or buy a whole new neon wardrobe, but I do admit that there are some ways where you can keep up with the trend. Neon works best when used really subtly on accessories or little embellishments, and paired with neutrals!

 I have yet to jump on the neon train, have you?


  1. Love those first 3 clutches!! So cute!
    I agree, I won't go out and buy a whole bunch of neon pieces but its fun to have a few things. :)

  2. I agree too! I love color, trying to incorporate more into wardrobe and home but not diggin' the neon to much. I can do it with accessories like above though. Thanks Melz!!


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