Mar 8, 2012

Chip Chip, HOORAY!

In my world, you know you made it big when a national company contacts your blog for a product review! You can't imagine how great my day went when I received an e-mail from Sara at POPCHIPS asking for my address to send a 'chip'ment of samples! A few days later, I found this cute bag-o'-deliciousness waiting on my doorstep!

If you aren't too familiar with POPCHIPS, you just need to head to your nearest grocer, pick up a bag, and try them for yourselves. They are lo-cal, non-fried, non-baked chips that have tons of flavor. They developed a way to "pop" real potatoes using heat and pressure to make them a healthy and TASTY snack.

I will admit, I am a HUGE POPCHIPS fan. I follow them on Twitter, I rant & rave about them to my friends, and I can't walk by them at a grocery store without picking up my favorite flavor: Barbeque. So when Sara asked me to try out their new 'Sweet Potato' flavor, I jumped at the chance! I thought it would be fun to have my friends and I rate each flavor, and the results are in!

It's official--Barbeque deserves 5 stars! After tasting 8 of the POPCHIPS flavors, we can honestly say that Barbeque is the best tasting and continues to be the best sandwich companion. {And I ate a whole lotta sandwiches the last couple of weeks!} The runner up was the Original flavor with a nice crunch and overall yummy neutral taste.

POPCHIPS, I love you! Please continue to make more flavors {white cheddar, perhaps?} and I promise to keep showing you off! I can be your taste-testing professional!


  1. I always see these chips and want to try them. I'm going to buy them next time! Except I'm a total Plain Jane and I'll get Original flavor. But it got almost all 5 stars so I should be good! Thanks for the tips!

    1. YES! You'll love the Original flavor! :)


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