Mar 30, 2012

Care For Some Bubbly?

Hi, my name is Melz and I buy too much fashion jewelry. I have a problem, and I'm well aware. I would love to stop, but really how could you NOT walk by J. Crew and snatch up the amazingness in-store? Hands down--J. Crew has the best fashion jewelry ever. Original retail prices aren't too hefty but if you have the patience to just wait it out, most of their jewelry does eventually go on sale. {Enter fabulous deals I got today with very mini price tags}

But there's just one piece that I can never seem to catch on sale, the one & only Bubble Necklace. It's been around for a few seasons now, in turquoise (my fave), black, coral; but this season's showstopper version is in bright & sunny yellow!

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

At $150 a pop {no pun intended}, it can be a bit steep but I will stalk it until the price drops. It's what I do best. :)

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

In case you can't wait for the real deal, check out this Etsy seller who custom makes your own unique bubble necklace for $45!

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  1. So check this out! I bought this same (or pretty much the same) necklace on Ebay for $16!!!!!!!!!!! Comes from China but no one but you will know its not JCrew. Check it out! Just put in J Crew Bubble Necklace and see all the options for sure cheap!!


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