Jan 31, 2012

A Little Rusty

I became so obsessed with colored denim recently that I bought 3 new denim colors without really thinking what the heck I would pair them with. These colorful bottoms would probably look best with neutral colored tops, but I wanted something a little out of the norm with my new Rust Colored jeans. After a whole lot of research (about 3 nights worth, I swear!), I finally coordinated 6 color combos that I think would look modern and fresh with my new rusties. What do you think?

Now back to shopping to try and find matches! Good thing I have a few birthday coupons to use up this month!


  1. I love all the new colored minis too! Though I'm scared to buy too many colors lest the trend fade away soon (lol), I did buy a rust colored pair at TJMAXX recently! Wore it with a cream top and got lots of compliments! I'm curious to see how they look with different, brighter colors too. Thanks for the tips. Send us pics when you wear them with the new colors!

  2. I absolutely love the color suggestions! I found your blog while looking for tops, for a rust pencil skirt. Would you consider making one for the other hot colors; teal for instance.


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