Nov 8, 2011

Where's YOUR Domino?

Perhaps I've got my mind on my baby pup, Domino. But, lately I've been spotting the king of all decor books more than ever. Domino The Book of Decorating, is already 3 years old and it's still featured on many bloggers' personal photos of their bookcases, bedside tables, and coffee tables. Not only is Domino a comprehensive reference for home styling, but it's also one of the prettiest books to display!

Cupcakes and Cashmere stacks it here:

Brunch at Saks displays it like this:

Habitually Chic showcases it here:

Hi Sugarplum puts a candle on hers:

Made by Girl displays hers with art:

And I have mine here! {on an Expedit bookcase in my living room, hugged by amethyst bookends!}

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  1. Hehe, cute post! I always notice the books others display in their posts, and Domino is no exception. I really love your book ends, they are so lovely. You have a great blog here!


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