Sep 12, 2011

30's the new 20!

Today my Mr. enters into a whole new decade! The big 3-0!

We celebrated on Saturday with a Jay-Z themed party! {Trust me, it's very "him"} For some really weird reason, I woke up one morning singing Jay-Z's "30 Something" song and once I looked into the lyrics, I realized it would be a PERFECT theme! Unfortunately, I only had 2 days to plan so I didn't really go all out, but it was fun coming up with the few little details. My buddy created the e-vite, and everything stemmed from there.

We pulled together a few pictures of him from the honeymoon and my buddy photoshopped them to look like album covers. Then we came up with little food signs based on Jay-Z:  "Hova Hummus", "30/30 Club sandwiches", "Jay Chee-Z crackers", "Big Chips & dip". The cake was also themed--we used the same e-vite image to create a photo cake!

He loved it and we had a great time! Cheers to Nel-Z and here's to many many more birthdays to come! I love you!


  1. I love this post it makes me feel like i waas there!


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