Jul 12, 2011

Good Luck Charms

I know, I know...here's more confirmation of my superstitious-craziness! You must be so tired of hearing about it. But I <3 good luck, don't you??

Sitting on a faux crocodile tray in the foyer, are my 2 new good luck charms {well, 3 if you want to count my adorable baby nephew}. My mom gave us both the cute owl and the crystal elephant. I couldn't find too much info about owls except that they symbolize wisdom, so I'll just pretend that it's good luck and watches out for us with it's mighty-awesome wisdom. :)

The crystal elephant is more special. She brought it back from Prague on her most recent trip because she's a firm believer of good luck charms too. My mom has always had an elephant figurine in our house. I never paid any attention to it. But when I moved into my own house, she said we needed an elephant. I looked it up and it actually has a nice story behind it. The elephant represents loyalty, good luck, and fortune. Apparently, it's extra lucky if the trunk is raised. In Feng Shui, it is said that elephants protect the household and bring fertility luck to those wishing for babies. {Hmmm.... Now I'm wondering what's the real reason this gift was meant for.}

Then she told me that I'm supposed to place it facing backwards at the entrance of the house. No idea where that came from but I'll do it anyway for extra points. This better not have been some prank I just fell for!

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