Feb 15, 2011

Real Life 101

I’m going all philosophical on you now but just hear me out. Talking to my sister the other day, I blurted out a thought and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Why don’t universities and colleges teach us about REAL LIFE? I’m talking real life situations that regular normal, human beings will eventually go through at some point in life. I realized that there have been so many instances that if only I had a small dosage of preparedness, I would definitely feel more confident in my decisions. Unfortunately, the academia only regulates courses that include insignificant math formulas and Ceramics as part of our curriculum. Ok, I get it—quizzing me on 32 chapters on Physics III are meant to prepare us for the job force (I’m still waiting for my employer to make me put that piece of knowledge to use one day!) But I just don’t see why we can’t squeeze in a couple of weeks of some really basic things that would make us smarter citizens in the real world.

For example:

1. Spring Semester: Credit Card Basics, 3 credits
Chapter 1: Benefits and consequences of applying for credit cards
Chapter 2: The law and how to avoid a judge and jury
Chapter 3: Easy step-by-step instructions on how to pay off debt as easy as it is to acquire it

2. Summer Semester: The Real Cost of LIVING, 3 credits
Chapter 1: Leasing a home
Chapter 2 to 35: BUYING your first home!!!
Chapter 36: Budgeting effectively

3. Fall Semester: Multi-Tasking 101, 3 credits
Chapter 1: How to run a business, stop to have 3 kids, do homework, do your taxes, make dinner, call your grandmother, mow the lawn, schedule appointments with the electrician and cable guy, do 8 loads of laundry, etc. etc. etc.
Chapter 2: How to do everything in Chapter 1 and be sane

And then if you pass at the end, you get a certificate and you can use that as your ticket to get an awesome, well-paying job that is guaranteed until retirement. Now, is that too much to ask??? :)

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