Feb 7, 2011

The Happiest of Birthdays

I celebrated my 20-something birthday this weekend, and boy was it HAPPY! Started off with some great news, my favorite lunch spot with my co-workers, a delicious meal at Chophouse Miami, awesome gifts from the Hubbs and family, a night on the town with the greatest friends, and an insanely delicious cake to top it all off! It really couldn't get any better than that!

Michael Kors iPhone 4 Wallet Clutch! So convenient, so stylish, sooo me!

Such yummy steak, but we also tried some kangaroo and alligator, and it was delish!
Partied it up and one of my favorite places to dance my calves off!

And a gift certificate to the best SPA in Miami, The Ritz Key Biscayne.
I cannot wait to make my appointment!

Happy birthday to me!

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