Dec 7, 2010

Final Stop: Madrid

This was the first time we cruise without getting the blues on the last day. We had one extra little stop for 2 nights before heading back to reality...Madrid! We disembarked the ship in Barcelona and hopped on a flight to Madrid. I had been there as a little girl but didn't really know what to expect now. I've got to say, we liked Madrid so much, maybe even more than Barcelona! The people are nicer, the streets are cleaner, the food, the beer, the ambiance, etc. We stayed at the Vincci Soho Hotel right between the Plaza del Sol and the Paseo del Prado (two of Madrid's most busiest attractions). I love how everything was within walking distance so we were able to see so much in the 2 short days we were there. We also took the hop-on/hop-off bus for about 17 euros per person and toured the whole city in a day.

One of my favorite places in Madrid was the Parque de Retiro. There are art sculptures all over the park, street musicians, national monuments, and the prettiest red flowers I've ever seen.

It was hard to get back to the airport for our 10-hour flight to Miami on the last day. That's when the blues started kicking in! But we flew Iberia and we actually really liked it. They served us plenty of food (which wasn't so disgustingly dreadful) and the staff was actually really entertaining in ways they weren't even aware of.

Our honeymoon was everything we hoped for. I recommend going as far away as possible for your honeymoon to really escape reality and relieve yourself of all the wedding planning anxiety. It was a much-deserved, much-needed vacation and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat--in fact, I think I'll start planning our 1-year anniversary trip TODAY! :)

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