Dec 15, 2009

Lift Your "Spirits"

There is so much to celebrate for 2009. We owe it to ourselves (and this decade) to class it up and say a toast for an even better 2010! So raise your glasses, toss them out, and replace them with these super cool flutes, goblets, and glasses! CHEERS!

CB2's Un-Goblet (Starting at just $1.95!)

CB2's Cheers Wine Glasses ($19.95/set of 6)

CB2's Oliver Martini (I can't tell you how much I want this! $4.95 each)

Crate & Barrel's Edge Flute (Sooo putting these on our registry! $11.95)

Crate & Barrel's Party Tumblers ($7.80/set of 4)

Crate & Barrel's Rolo Shot Glasses ($1.95)

If I don't stop now, I never will. Happy New Year!

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