Aug 10, 2009

Taking it Back...

I swear the theme song for Growing Pains started playing in my head when I came across these photos. It took me waaay back. I can't believe I completely forgot about my FAVORITE game when I was little! Did any of you ever play with "Fashion Plates"? Fashion Plates were meant for all those little girls who dreamed of being a dress designer when they grow up. You were to choose from a variety of indented plastic plates with different pictures of dresses, tops, pants, and skirts, and then make combinations to create your own little fashion portfolio. You place a piece of paper over your combo, glide a black crayon over the indentations, and go crazy with the colored pencils. I remember spending hours and hours making was addicting. Gosh, I wish I still had this. I would play all day!


  1. where , oh, where did you find these pictures?! OMG. amaaaazzzinnggg! i totally had forgotten about this....loved it!!!!! my grandmother would help me color!!!!

  2. I love that set...I would do everyone in a tennis skirt ensemble with every top. I wish they would come back with it. I would snag it and use my Prisma pencils to go to town. Thanks for the memories.


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