Aug 10, 2009

Key West Weekend Round-Up

Road Trip. Pool party. Coronas. House party. Oversized chair. Slumber party. Sunglasses. Scooters. Frozen candy drinks. Guys. Girls. Cheeseburgers. Margaritaville. Bar bands. Sing-along songs. Weird nudists. Lobsters. Weird lobster hats. Fat Tuesdays. 1983 movie of the underwater world. Shots. Pool-playing. Drunk guy peeing in corner. Flying Monkeys. Bar-B-Q chicken wings and churrasco. Non-existent fishing trip. Non-existent snorkeling trip. Beer pong challenges. An Irish guy named Kevin. A sloppy guy named Joe. Fidel Castro shirt and hat. Underwater camera. Dayquil. Nyquil. Dancing to 80s. Fish sandwiches. Kermit. Key-lime-pie-dipped-in-chocolate-on-a-stick. Missing drunk scooter rental guy. Good times...

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