Aug 25, 2009

The Mouse in my House

My little pup is all grown up! I can't believe she turns 28 today! (...well in dog years). I still remember the day I brought her home. She was all black with white feet and was originally named Socks. Today she's a beautiful blond bombshell. Born to a Yorkie mother and a Beagle father, Minnie certainly takes on each of their characteristics. And if you have yorkies or beagles, you know what I mean.

Celebrating Minnie's Favorites
1. Playing with her pink pig
2. Playing with her brown rabbit
3. Barking at the door bell
4. Stealing socks
5. Pulling towels off their racks
6. Hiding Beggin' Strips in her secret spot for later
7. Waking me up every morning at 7am
8. Play fighting with human hands
9. Snuggling
10. Kissing me right on the mouth...ewww

Happy Birthday Minnie!

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