Jul 28, 2009

Not Your Usual Cup of Tea

Ever had a little craving that somehow turns into a daily craving, and more addicting as the days go by? Well I officially need an intervention. I love love love Chai Tea Lattes. I want one every day but hold myself back because it could turn ugly. And it's not just Chai Tea. I'm starting to like all sorts of teas. Recently at the mall, I had to stop and have a cup of Earl Grey...who does that in Miami?!

But there's only one thing better than tea...TEA INSPIRED DECOR! I've come across so many cute tea ideas that I just had to share.

If I had my own tea shop, I'd sport these! It gives "tea light" a whole new meaning. And the tea bag tag acts as the pull switch!

And maybe these too!
An opteacal illusion!Surgeon General Warning: Tea causes smiles, hyperactivity, and may complicate the ability to focus on meeting deadlines. It can lead to addiction so drink at your own risk and use precaution.

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  1. omg. have you tried the iced chai tea latte at starbucks?!! i just started drinking that this summer. i love chai tea, too. they even have it at my mccafe by my house! and its really good!


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