Jul 17, 2009

Design Star-dom

July 19th will be a Sunday Funday! HGTV's Design Star Season 4 will premier at 10:00 pm! I have only recently become a HUGE HGTV fan in the last year or so and boy am I HOOKED! My favorite shows are Showdown (now Sundays @ 9:00 pm), Dear Genevieve, My First Place, The Stagers...I just love them all.
Design Star Season 4 looks like it will be intense! Read up on the contestants bios here and choose when one you think you will like best ahead of time. I can't wait to hear what the judges have to say. Genevieve is my hero!

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  1. I watch the stagers and my first place sometimes! but i've never seen design star..... i will tune in!


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