Jun 30, 2009

A Girl Can Dream...

My heart skipped a beat when Mr. Big finally made his true commitment to Carrie...WHEN HE GAVE HER THE CLOSET OF HER DREAMS! It was then when she accepted the fact that a wedding would never make her as happy as that closet would. A flood of thoughts started entering my brain--"Could I turn my computer room into one huge closet?" I wish I had the authority here to do so, but I will someday! Here are some amazing closet pics to make you swoon. Do you think Ikea can make something like this...like now!?

Fun colors, feels like a store!
All white with mirrored doors
Mariah Carey's famous closet from MTV CribsCarrie's famed closet from S&TC
Nicky Hilton's ClosetThe Other Crazy Hilton Sister's Closet
Eva Longoria's Closet
Jessica Alba's ClosetKim Cattrall's Closet

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