Jun 29, 2009

Calling all Hypochondriacs!

Visit WebMD much? I admit...I freak out sometimes about unusual things going on in my body. I think all of us suffer from a little hypochondrium. If you’re the type to skip the doctor’s visit and do some research on your own, check out this article from Wall Street Journal. It might give you some answers to funny things you might have found on your body. For example, sometimes I get little bumps on the outside of my eyelids and I always thought I just needed a good scrub. Well, this article explains that it might be the cause of high cholesterol. Click on the interactive graphics and go from body part to body part with this great roll-over-the-body-area-feature. Search for the most likely causes for everything from excess facial hair to feeling cold all over, brittle nails, and spider veins.

Now, don’t get all ‘sick in the head’ about it…It’s just a website!

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