May 9, 2009

They’re Bringing Spicy Back…Yeah!

Could it be true? Will Miami Spice now be featured every season throughout the year? They’re calling it Spring Miami Spice and it’s running from May 1st to the 31st! (Dammit! I’m 9 days late!) This is our chance to take advantage of awesome menus at some of the best restaurants in Miami. Participating restaurants offer a three-course meal for a special price per person: Lunch for $23 and dinner for $36. But make sure you look at each restaurant’s available days and times as they may vary.

Here are a few I’ve tried out throughout the years and my ratings for them:

China Grill: Amazing Crackling Calamari Salad (If it were up to me, I’d order it for each of the three courses!)

Smith & Wollensky: Steak and more steak; Nice views

Baleen: One of my fav’s! The food was good but the best part was the romantic setting!

Christy's: Awesome filet minon but you leave there smelling like beef!

Novecento Brickell: Awesome empanadas but really expensive cocktails

Red Fish Grill: Yummy fish but really long wait

If you have questions on any others, I can ask my sis; She's been to most on the list!

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