May 8, 2009

Anthropologie: The Study of High-End Casual Women’s Fashion and Crazy Window Displays

Anthropologie is by far my favorite shop ever. It’s so ME! I have actually spent hours and hours at this store just trying to make sure I saw everything for sale…and even things that are NOT for sale! The art displayed inside the shop is ridiculous! I literally wish I lived there. So as I was dilly-dallying on Lincoln Road on my lunch break yesterday, I decided to make a pit stop. I couldn’t believe the new window display they now have up—It’s a honeycomb setting with factoids on bees written on the glass! It was so appropriate for my blog, I just had to take a quick pic!

They’ve stocked up on new summer items, and just when I thought they had it all, I was proved wrong! Anthropologie is now carrying swimsuit lines from all over the country and beyond! They now have lots of vintage-inspired swimsuits, asymmetrical swimsuits and swimsuits with fun details like 3-D appliqués, ruffles, color-blocking and graphic prints. They started out by testing 8 styles on their online catalog and it was a success! DUH!

It gets even better! Anthropologie is coming soon to a mall near ME! I called Aventura Mall and it should be opening its doors within the next 2 weeks! This is going to be the best summer ever!


  1. How freaking adorable!!!!! guess what?!! we have one in greensboro!!! wooo!!

  2. Hey, they STOLE YOUR IDEA! Your honeycombs are WAY COOLER than theirs. Lol! xoxo


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