May 12, 2009

“Just throw me in my coffin now with these earrings on!”

One of my favorite lines from the craziest fashionista I know: The uber talented and psychotic Rachel Zoe! I got hooked on her reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project, on Bravo last season and thankfully there’s more where that came from. They have confirmed the second season to start in July 2009! The series follows Rachel Zoe and her two crazy assistants on styling jobs for celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Molly Sims at red carpet and fashion show appearances. My favorite parts are when she goes shopping for the celebrities and unintentionally ends up with thousands of fun stuff for herself, meanwhile describing her love and affection with crazy quotes. You gotta watch it to see what I mean…

It’s no wonder she’s made it so big—she has the BEST taste! And now she is starting her own accessories line and will be selling it on QVC! There are no details yet but all we know is that the line is supposed to launch this fall. She’s all about chunky, vintage-inspired baubles, chains and cuffs, so that’s what I’m hoping for. In her own words: "If you've got an appendage, adorn it."
She’s famous for a lot of things: styling, shopping, apparently selling drugs to Nicole Richie… But her crazy quotes really make her stand out. Here’s what someone predicts what she’d be ranting about on QVC—Cracks me up!

QVC: "Rachel, we have a caller from Kenosha who'd like to talk to you."
RACHEL ZOE: "Ohmigod hi, hi, Kenosha? Wow, that's bananas...wait, do you know how insanely fabulous you will be if you wear my jewelry in Wisconsin? Like, seriously, no seriously I'm not just saying this because like I want you to buy it but you will be SICK if you wear it. SICK. And in like, a good way."

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