May 11, 2009

'Miracle' on 24th Street!

Looks like the new Miracle Marketplace (a.k.a. Miracle Center) will soon be another reason why to shop and munch-a-bunch in Coral Gables. If you ever get tired of the same-'ol-same-'ol Village of Merrick Park and Miracle Mile shops (and that may be tough), then make your way to this new mall/shopping plaza ASAP. It looks like it might be a slightly better version of Dadeland Station.

There are already some tenants up and running, including Bed, Bath & Beyond and Bally's who has actually stuck around since 1989! Other tenants include: Marshall's (opening May 22nd), DSW, Ulta, PetSmart, Nike Factory Store, Sweet Tomatoes, and what I'm most excited for--NORDSTROM RACK! If you're not familiar with it, it's the real Nordstrom's cheaper little sister! However, it's too bad we might have to wait until next Spring for this one to open...

There will be 3 levels with vertical transportation and 950 parking spaces. There's even word that the old movie theater might make a comeback! So I guess 'miracles' DO happen! :)


  1. WOW! My mom used to exercise there! LOL! Back in the day when I lived *insert spanish-english translation here* en el "north west* That sounds like a great mall..I love Sweet Tomatoes.

  2. I grew up walking distance from this mall! It seemed like it never really reached its full potential. I remember being a little kid when they were contructing the building - i thought it was going to be the best thing EVER. Not so much.

    Seeing it finally pimped out will be really nice.


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