May 19, 2009

I Want to Thank All the Little People...

...And my family, and friends, and the big guy upstairs!

I feel so incredibly honored! I came across a fun surprise this morning when I checked my Google Reader and saw that my dear friend Erika Wray presented me with a Blog Award!! I'm not really sure what it is exactly but I love it and it makes me feel special! (hee-hee)

So, I'd like to also honor some of my favorite bloggers, not only to share their greatness but also because I've become so obsessed with them lately and I think they deserve credit!

Je t'aime: This is my bestie Nicky Mauri--oops, I mean Negrin! She recently married my bud Andy and I was a bridesmaid! She created this blog to share her engagement, wedding, and honeymoon experiences. Yes, due to the horrible jetlag she was able to blog every day of her honeymoon! I was hooked and had to read it every day! Now she blogs about everyday fun stuff!

Nesting in NC: Erika is one of the funniest girls I've ever met! From her Saved by the Bell obsessions to her Golden Girl history, She. Cracks. Me. Up. We were co-workers at an After School Care (along with Nicky) and we shared many good times. She has moved to NC with her new hubby and has taught me everything I need to know about blogging. Her blogs are about her life in NC and exciting new stuff in between!

A Chic Palate: I admire a girl with guts! My friend Ashli has started her own catering business! This girl does it all. She cooks, plans events, and blogs all about it. She has the best taste and you can scroll through her pics for evidence. Great job Ash!!

The Rules:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award on to other blogs that you have discovered.

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