May 21, 2009

Friday Faves

I stumble upon so many amazing things on a daily basis. I wish I can copy and paste it all for everyone, but I am coming up with a better plan. Let's make it a weekly routine! I'll hold on to all my faves and post them on Fridays. Think of it as my special little "go-have-yourself-a-great-weekend" treat! You ready?

I thought this was so incredibly adorable, and makes a great gift! I'd say it's 2 gifts in 1! Pets and new shelf eye candy!You wake up, it's been pouring rain since the night before. You get ready to leave your house and realize you need to jump over huge puddles to avoid ruining your new pumps. If you had these babies you'd be okay! I think it's worth getting a few stares!
Fell in love with these fat birds! I wonder if they have fat squirrels or fat bunnies...oh wait--they do! :)And last, but definitely not least, an amazing chandelier made entirely of coco beads. It's almost as tall as me, standing at 41" high. This picture does not do it justice. Please go check it out in person at the fitting room at Anthropologie at Merrick Park. It's the main focal point of the room, and deserves being gawked at.

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