Sep 26, 2014

Did you hear the Buzz? This Bee's Open for Business!

After creating so many parties for my family, friends and myself, I decided to stop hogging up all my hard work and open up an Etsy shop to the world! Without further adieu, I introduce to you...BEESWAXBUZZ!

BeeswaxBuzz was born because of all the encouragement I received from my family and friends to get my party ideas out there. It's pretty obvious where the name originates from, but I added the buzz for being so "drunk in love" with all the wonderful things I like to blog about and list on Etsy. :)

The shop currently lists just a few items, but I'm working every day to add more and more to it. I will always blog and pin the new items, so don't forget to check back here for updates and follow me on Pinterest!

I must state that I'm no expert nor do I claim to be one. I just enjoy brainstorming and planning events for fun! It is also my favorite part of my job and if I can somehow convince my boss to let me do this --and only this-- full time, I would! But for now I'm really excited about my new little shop and hope you check it out. :)

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