May 16, 2014

Maternity Shoot

I never thought that professional photos of my giant belly are something I wanted. I definitely did not feel comfortable showing off my bare bump and taking those awkwardly dramatic maternity photos you see from some photographers out there. But my hubby wanted the memories and I started looking for ideas. I came across Natalie Atick Photography and loved her photographic style. I think my first sentence in my e-mail to Natalie included the words (I'm not into nude maternity shoots) and she quickly agreed with me. :)

She takes beautiful natural-looking shots in the perfect lighting and against beautiful nature backdrops. I gave it a shot, and loved how they turned out! Natalie was the sweetest and she is great at guiding you to get the perfect shot. The time we spent with her actually flew by, and it's all because she made us feel very comfortable.

Here I am, 30 weeks pregnant, with the Daddy-to-be. Photos taken at Matheson Hammock Park on a hot July afternoon.

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  1. Melissa,

    The pictures are adorable. Love them all. Can't wait til you post some with baby Olivia. Say Hi to your Hubby.



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