Apr 25, 2014

Mac-Baby's Got Brand New Clothes

Me & my MacBook Pro, we've been the best of friends since it was gifted to me for my 30th birthday. (Thanks hunny!) It blogs for me, it helps me shop online, stores all of my little Livi's precious photos, texts my friends, and the list can really go on and on. I love him. Because it's so very precious to me, it was never really meant to leave my house unless there was an extreme important reason...until I started my new job last month. When I realized I wasn't getting a big beautiful iMac like I've always had in the past and I had to work off an ugly PC, I decided I can bring my Mac-baby to work every day to make my transition much easier. Unfortunately, I never had any cushiony clothes for it because it always lived at home, and I was lugging my Mac-baby in an old Victoria's Secret beach bag to-and-fro work every day. What kind of professional am I? What first impression am I making over here?! I had to buy my Mac-baby new clothes STAT!

Apple's selection of laptop bags weren't my style. I would basically have to choose between a super-large Michael Kors bag, a cute but expensive Kate Spade bag, or a plain black manly briefcase. Other online stores really didn't have much selection either. But I found my favorite at Etoi Design! They are an etsy shop based out of Poland and they hand-make laptop bags in all shapes, sizes and colors in felt and leather. You can choose from the selection on their site, or choose custom colors.

Considering it came all the way from Poland, it actually arrived pretty quickly and was packaged very nicely...and it's so well-made! I look and feel much more professional and modern in this cute laptop bag, and have received so many compliments on it already! I'm ready to take on the world (and throw away that VS beach bag!)

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