Apr 2, 2014

I heART Cozamia

Last May (I know, almost a year ago!) we finally got around to putting some art on the walls! Believe it or not, we didn't really have any art on our walls whatsoever. We have mirrors, photos, wall accessories GALORE, but no art. I just never found anything that I loved THAT MUCH, and buying art can be pretty costly so I knew I had to really love it.

Cozamia's art was getting lots of blog attention and once I saw Lucid Surf, I knew I had to get it! It's abstract with beautiful colors, and thought it would go perfectly on my ginormous empty wall. In fact, my wall is so ginormous that I think I could have gone much bigger! But I decided on a gray lacquer Ikea frame* and stuck within those measurements.

*Just so you know, I don't recommend the Ikea Ribba frame for this print. It doesn't measure properly and it's pretty flimsy. I might upgrade to a real frame later on.

Here are a few of other faves from Cozamia that are tempting me to switch out a mirror or two.

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