Nov 12, 2012

Military Trash = My New Treasure

I heart old stuff with a story. The Lincoln Road Antique Market has been at the top of my radar for some time now and we finally got to share in this wealth of its vintage finds this weekend. Having a slight obsession with Art Deco-inspired jewelry, I was hoping to find something that was really old and classy, and yet oh-so-awesome and modern for my jewelry wardrobe. I dragged my Hubby and Domino along while I went "antiquing" and it was more fun than we ever imagined! (Yes, I said "we".) People find the best stuff at estate sales! I knew Miami isn't that old of a city to find an abundance of really old items, but there definitely are many mid-century lucky finds out there.

Chairs with tons of character that just need a little lovin'
Faux bamboo coffee tables and chain link marble tables
Deco bar carts and lots of old fashioned shakers

Brass headboards in trendy geometric shapes (this weighed a ton!)

My absolute favorite find: Chippendale chairs in chrome! All ready for some nice upholstering!

Mahogany and oak campaign dressers for a lacquer paint job

 Vintage lamps galore

After some time had passed and I still hadn't settled on a single thing, these guys caught my eye and made my trip worthwhile! Meet my new vintage mid-century Scotch and Bourbon decanters with brass caps. I'm obviously not over my bar-hoarding and these guys seemed like a no-brainer for me and my decor. I would die to hear the story these decanters would tell. I don't know much about them, but I'd like to think that they were the property of the military's happy hour party favors! All they need is a good scrubbing and polishing!

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