Oct 8, 2012

iWant iPad iCase

I got a new toy! My very much wanted iPad was a gift I received because my hubbs loves me so much :) So of course, I want an equally awesome case to keep it safe and sound {and looking fabulous}. Only problem is...I can't choose! I wouldn't say there are tons of awesome cases to choose from out there, but I've come across some faves and narrowed down my choices to 9.

Even with these top choices, I'll have to eliminate a few. I do know that a sleeve or a traveling bag or pouch wouldn't be functional for me, so I'm looking for folder types with a fun print or material. Also, I have to put my foot down and say that an iPad case should NOT cost just as much as the actual iPad or double, or triple the price of one! We'll see which one will win :)

1. Bodhi in Snake & Jade
2. Kate Spade Composition Notebook
3. Marc Jacobs Leather
4. DVF Mantra
5. Pantone Case
6. Kate Spade Play Hooky
7. Case Mate Venture 360
8. Vince Camuto
9. Tory Burch Robinson

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  1. yay for being from Miami! do you still live here?

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