Jun 19, 2012

New Skin

Finally! After about 15 months of looking at this boring paint color, we were able to get our house looking a little better with a new, fresh coat of paint! I looove how homes look with a darker color on the walls, and I knew that I wanted this look for mine. Luckily, my front door neighbor has a similar color I liked, and with just a little squinting of the eyes while holding up paint swatches in the air over their house, I chose a similar color that I just love! Who would have ever thought I would be this excited about an exterior paint job???

The wall color we chose is Behr's Desert Shadows.
The trim color is Behr's Sandstone Cliff.
The front door and garage door just got a nice glossy white update.

Now we just have to get those annoying, ginormous trees removed in the front, and start our landscaping. I. need. pretty. landscaping.


  1. Omg it looks AMAZING!!!! What a total difference!! I really love it!!
    The things that gets homeowners excited...exterior paint and landscaping! lol. Congrats and enjoy!


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