Jun 30, 2011

A Buddy's Bedroom Do-Over

Remember my friend who was recently freed from her tasteless roommate? Well she wanted to create her own personal touches in her apartment and here’s her happily ever after!
Almost every day on our lunch break, we hit up the nearest bargain shops to get ideas. Of course, I tagged along because I could never pass up the chance to go shopping. Dayana was on a budget and was able to put this bedroom together for $125! This is a rental property so throwing tons of paint on the walls is sometimes pointless. Fortunately, it helps that she’s a super-talented graphic designer and a little mural painting did the trick! While most of us would be really intimidated by the thought of painting free-hand on the wall, she did it in less than an hour…BLINDFOLDED!! (just kidding!) 

The bed and nightstand were already hers, but here is the breakdown of her new purchases:

1. Studded accent pillow from West Elm on clearance: $15
2. Sunburst mirror from Target: $25
3. Pillow shams from West Elm on clearance: $10 each
4. Duvet from West Elm on clearance: $40
*Extras: Paint and brushes: $25

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