Jun 22, 2011

Bathroom Break!

Our pride & joy...the master bath! It took 3 complete weeks to get this bathroom in shape. We didn't know how bad the bathroom really was until the remodeling dude showed us. Tiles were cracked, sitting on top of layers of mold, which created a leak, and tons of other scary issues. It HAD to be re-constructed from scratch. We took this photo from an online source as inspiration, and went to work!

Here are a few 'before' pics:

And here is the bathroom NOW!

The floors and shower walls are 16x16" multi-colored slate. Shower floors and tub wall are stone mosaic tiles. Vanities were custom made, sink vessels and faucets were purchased here, and walls were painted in Behr's Graceful Gray. It looks pretty darn close to the inspiration picture, doesn't it? Mission accomplished and we couldn't be happier.

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