Jan 5, 2011

Wedding Reviews: Dreams and Designs, B

When you visit the Miami Tower Sky Lobby on a regular day, you will realize it’s just that—a lobby. It’s not fancy; there are huge elevators, big couches, and a reeeally big green marble reception desk. You really have to make the effort to close your eyes and envision a wedding reception there because there is no other way you can see it. The only way to disguise this is to hire a company to put up drapery all around the lobby to cover all of it. I was informed that only one company is licensed to do this kind of work at the Miami Tower, and that is Dreams & Designs. I was so used to researching and bargaining for the best deal, and just had to bite my tongue with this one. I met with the owners, Ana and her husband, at the location and they explained how it all works. I chose the white color draping, and contracted them to hang it to cover the elevators, lobby desk, and a huge colorful painting by the DJ. You can drape more areas but it wasn’t necessary. The room looked fabulous, but I really wish this was included in the venue contract. I found it to be very expensive, but apparently other draping companies in Miami charge about the same. Thankfully, I booked at a good time because they did include 10 uplites with my contract. I also contracted them to do our personalized monogram lighting on the dance floor.

Dreams and Designs does all kinds of different event décor. They have some pretty amazing photos of their work on their website. Makes me want to have another party!

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