Dec 8, 2010

Wrapper's Delight

I’m one of those weirdos who love gift wrap, almost more than actual gifts. I love to gift wrap and I love receiving gifts wrapped. C’mon, don’t you agree? Pretty packages always make a birthday or Christmas gift feel that much more special!

This year my sister was asked to do some volunteer work for her job to wrap 500 to 1,000 gifts for seniors and when I heard about it, I immediately decided to join her. Last Friday we met at Coral Gables High School and between the two of us we wrapped about 25-30 gifts within an hour! (She’s a closet gift-wrapper too!) As much as I want to say we did it 100% for the sake of helping others, I admit we sorta also did it for our own pleasure—don’t judge!

So I’m confessing to you about one of my favorite purchases from a couple of weeks ago: This super-cool gift wrap organizer where I can store all my goodies! I sound like a dorkus but I don’t care. I went straight home and started organizing my organizer!

If you’re just as weird as I am and this gift wrap organizer interests you, check out the DIY project that one of my favorite bloggers made last year here. This is so smart.

And in case you haven’t heard, Anthropologie is kicking gift wrap butt this year again and providing the cutest gift wrap for all purchases (except the South Beach location for some reason…) I’d buy something just to get it gift-wrapped like this!

Next year, I’d like to mix in some eco-friendly gift wrapping for Christmas gifts. Enjoy these gorgeous works of art below.

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  1. omg omg this post is like my secret fantasy!!!! my eye is practically twitching as im reading LOL love the organizer and the eco - friendly wrapping ideas!!! i cant wait to start wrapping stuff :)


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