Nov 30, 2010

Blogging Hiatus is OVER!

We're back to business baby! I'm all settled in (well, sorta...) as a brand new Mrs. and have taken a long-enough break from my blog. It's time to share the deets!

I have been dying to share my reviews about our wedding but I wanted to fill them in with pretty pictures and they're just not ready yet. So therefore, I'll be working backwards and I'll share the honeymoon reviews first!

Our honeymoon was dreamy :) It was planned many moons ago back in February. I knew I wanted to get away as far as possible and after doing lots and lots and lots of research, we decided on a 7-day Mediterranean cruise filled with lots of stops so that we can see as much as possible while we're there (while on a budget of course). We sailed on the NCL Jade, and with the help of NCL employee friends (that's you Gabriel and Louis!), we were able to book the balcony suite at a great price! We're so glad we did--Waking up to see a beautiful new land from our balcony was amazing!

Next up was booking the flights. (Here's where I'm most proud of my budget-brain!) We had racked up enough AA miles to fly to Europe and back FOR FREE! Well, not entirely free--we paid $60 each for taxes. But besides that, FREE!!! A little pre-planning goes a long way, people! We flew out to NYC and Barcelona 5 days before our cruise, flew to Madrid for 2 days after the cruise, then unfortunately returned to Miami.

The Mr. is working on a cute lil video montage to post on here, but in the meantime I'll give you post-by-post reviews of all the wonderful places we visited.

Stay tuned...

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