Jun 6, 2010

Bedtime Stories Baby Shower

On May 23rd we had a baby shower for my sister! The theme was Bedtime Stories, inspired by one of my favorite party-throwing idols, Jennifer Sbranti. Planning for this soiree started back in January, pretty much when we found out she was pregnant! After months of planning, searching, sketching and prepping, it all paid off in the end! What an amazing shower! Thanks to all of you who helped put it all together in less than 45 minutes that day!

Hope you all enjoy the pictures below! (All photography by Olivia Wong)

Cake Table with Hanging Canopy

Cake by Aramis

Sleepy Teddy Graham Cupcakes by The Cake-Up Artists

Midnight Snacks Table (Cookies & Candy! Mmm...)

Water bottles "Oh Baby!"
Welcome Table with a Handmade Hanging Mobile!

Diaper Cake

Mini Diaper Cake with Lollipop Onesies!


Tables were set up as Baby Beds! Sheets, Pillow, Stuffed Animal, and a Book!


First Game: Draw a Baby on Your Head!

Second Game: Match Up the Socks!

Third Game: Dress the Baby Blindfolded!

Gifts...and Gifts...and more Gifts!!

There's many more pics where these came from. If you want to see more, let me know!


  1. fabulous!! like out of a magazine! loved the theme...so sweet and special!!! what is she having? xoxo

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  3. Would you mind if I use the cupcake picture on my squidoo page if I give you credit and link back? I've already created a link, but I'd like to use the picture too.


    1. No problem at all! Thanks for asking :)

  4. This is such a cute idea. Storybooks are an absolutely stunning, gender-neutral thing that is just super gorgeous. You know, the left - right baby names game with a cute poem is perfect for story lovers. Check it out if you are doing your own storybook baby shower theme! http://www.printable-party-games.com/baby-shower-left-right-game

  5. Love the blue theme. We played the drawing game at my baby shower as well. Also, I found a couple more game ideas on this page: http://www.themed-party-ideas.com/baby-shower-game.php

  6. Hi! This baby shower looked sooo cute. What were the teddy grahams pillows made of on te cupcakes?


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