Apr 26, 2010

Meet our Flower Girl and Ring Boy!

Daniel & Samantha

This weekend we surprised the cutest munchkins we know with a little question:

These were Chinese take out boxes with a sticker I created that says, "Daniel, will you be my Ring Boy?" and "Samantha, will you be my Flower Girl?" Inside was a cupcake!

Danny is 4 years old and Sammy is turning 2. They are the sweetest kids, and so well-mannered. They are so lucky to have such involved parents who care about them so much!

The "Baby-Makers": Maria and Mario are the ones who take credit for creating these little cuties. We have lots of ties to these two. Maria is the sister of Nelson's good friend Willy, ex-co-worker of Nelson's when they worked at Baptist Hospital together, and a current freelance translator for my company. Mario is Nelson's colleague, to say the least. He works together with Nelson for the city government. But most importantly, this is the sweetest family we know. The Diez-Lacayo's are always there for us and willing to help with whatever we need. We are so thankful for them and so excited they will be a part of the best day of our lives!

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