Mar 7, 2010

Another lesson learned from Martha

"If you can meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would you want to meet?" My answer is always The Donald and Martha Stewart. I would ask The Donald to please tell me all his secrets on how to get rich quick and I would ask Martha to let me stay at her estate and teach me crafts all day long. It's my dream. Don't judge me.

I will soon be an auntie to a baby boy and what better way to congratulate the parents-to-be than with a Martha craft project?! (Who wants a silly flower bouquet anyway?) Mrs. Erika (another Martha fanatic!) suggested and I thought I can probably do something like this myself! I watched the video and voila! Lollipop onesies!!

I stuck them into a baby blue basket and created a flag that says IT'S A BOY! Mommy-to-be loved it! It's a practical gift. The best part? We can use this for her diaper cake later at the Shower! Whatcha think?

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  1. this is the CUTEST idea ever! wow~! im soooo copying you on this.


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